Vitae and Translatio Sancti Hieronymi in Croatian Glagolitic Texts


  • Vesna Badurina Stipčević


Ključne besede:

Saint Jerome, patron saint of Croatian Glagolitism, Croatian Glagolitic hagiographies, Croatian Glagolitic breviaries, Petris Miscellany


Many and diverse legends about Saint Jerome are preserved in older Croatian literary traditions. They are confi rmed in several scripts and languages. Glagolitic medieval legends about Saint Jerome bear witness to the extent and popularity of his cult, and confi rm the position that this saint, who is considered to be the author and patron saint of the Glagolitic script and Glagolitism, held in Croatian culture. His Vitae in many Glagolitic breviaries and miscellanies are remarkable, as is the Glagolitic Translatio sancti Hieronymi, which is here published for the fi rst time in Latin transliteration.