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Historical Association of Slovenia

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Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors (PDF) Reviewer report (DOC)

Basic Submission Instructions

Zgodovinski časopis (Historical Review) publishes papers in Slovene, English, German, French, Italian, and Croatian languages. Other contributions (short articles, reviews, reports, etc.) are published in Slovene.
Contributions should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, with 1, 5 line spacing.
The authors are solely responsible for linguistic and scientifi c accuracy of their contributions. Each contribution should contain postal and E-mail address of its author, together with his/her phone number.

Contributions should be submitted in printed format as well as by e-mail to the editorial office: Uredništvo Zgodovinskega časopisa, Oddelek za zgodovino, Filozofska fakulteta, Aškerčeva 2, SI-Ljubljana; info@zgodovinskicasopis.si or peter.stih@guest.arnes.si.

The name of the submitted file should consist of its author's name and surname. Contributions that have been approved for publication by the editors should not be submitted for publication elsewhere.
Translation of abstracts and summaries into a foreign language shall be provided by the editors. The papers are subject to peer review evaluation; the reviewers remain anonymous. Contributions submitted for publication shall not be returned to their authors.

Submission Information

In order to be considered for publication all submissions should be prepared accord ing to the following guidelines:

All papers must conform to the style guide below and should contain the following elements listed in the following order:

  • Title (lowercase letters, font size 16, bold, center)
  • Author's name and surname (font size 12, bold, center)
  • Abstract (font size 10). Its fi rst paragraph should contain author's surname and name (bold), education, professional/academic title, postal and e-mail address. The second paragraph should contain the paper's title (bold). The third paragraph should contain an abstract of the paper's contents (not to exceed approximately 600 characters, including spaces). The fourth paragraph should contain up to 5 key words.
  • Text (font size 12) with clearly indicated spaces for illustrations (which should be submitted separately). There should be no double spacing between paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with indentation for the left margin. Chapter (and subchapter) titles should be written in lowercase letters, bold.
  • Summary should contain the paper's title (lowercase letters, font size 12, bold) and author's name and surname. The summary should not exceed 6000 characters, including spaces.

Reports, Short Articles and Notes, Book Reviews:

  • Reports from conferences and other events should contain the exact title, date, and location of the event (lowercase letters, font size 12, bold).
  • Book reviews should contain the name and the surname of the author or editor (expanded spacing, font size 12), book title (bold), publisher, year and place of publication, number of pages.

The name and the surname of the author of contributions of this type should be listed on the right-hand side at the end of the text. Desired emphases should be written in italics rather than underlined or in bold letters.

Citations (Footnotes)

Citations should be written as footnotes at the bottom of the page (font size 10). The text should be concluded with a list of all sources and literature (font size 12) that have been cited within the text.
When citing a work or a source in a footnote the following (abbreviated) format is used: author's surname, a short title of the cited work (written in italics, it should not exceed three words), and page number (abbreviated) (i.e. Grafenauer, Mesto Simona Rutarja, p. 11). The same format is used for the citing of archival, published, and online sources.
Alphabetical listing of all references should be placed at the end of the text, with sources (archival, published, oral, newspaper, etc.) and literature listed separately (titles of each type of references should be written in lowercase letters, bold). Within each reference type, material should be listed alphabetically according to the surname of the author (editor, fund, etc.); several works of the same author should be listed chronologically. The listing of references should contain only complete citations of cited works or material:

  • Archival sources: archive name, fund name, and (when necessary) number of fi le storage folder or box.
  • Monographs: author's surname and name, title of monograph (and subtitle) in italics. Title of the series in which the monograph has been published (when necessary). Place of publication: publisher, date (i.e. Gestrin, Ferdo, Slovenske dežele in zgodnji kapitalizem. Ljubljana: Slovenska matica, 1991.).
  • Articles: author's surname and name: title of article. Title of periodical or miscellany (in italics); in case of periodicals, the title should be followed by volume number, date, cited page(s) (i.e. Grafenauer, Bogo, Mesto Simona Rutarja v slovenski historiografi ji. Goriški letnik 3, 1976, pp. 9–19.). In an edited miscellany the title of the article should be followed by: (surname and name of editor – when necessary). Title of miscellany. Place of publication, date, cited page(s) (i.e. Janša-Zorn, Olga: Turizem v Sloveniji v času med vojnama (1918–1941). Razvoj turizma v Sloveniji. Zbornik referatov. Ljubljana, 1996, pp. 78–95.).

Graphic Materials

Zgodovinski časopis generally publishes graphic materials only in black and white. They should be submitted in electronic form and in high resolution (300 dpi), saved in non-compressed TIFF file format.
Graphic materials (photographs, graphs, tables, maps, etc.) should be submitted separately (with their correct positions clearly marked in the text), in a separate folder (file) marked with author's name and surname.
Graphic materials should always carry a caption explaining the image and its source.