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Zgodovinski časopis/Historical Review Ethical Guidelines

Editor and Editorial Board:

  • Submitted contributions are subject to assessment by the editor, in consultation with the editorial board or reviewers, to ensure that they are suitable for publication and that they adhere with editorial guidelines and scientific standards.
  • The editor will send each submission to two reviewers with expertise in the relevant field (peer review).
  • The editor, members of the editorial board and reviewers are subject to confidentiality of the peer review process.


  • The peer review process is anonymous; reviewers’ names are not released to authors, and vice versa.
  • Reviewers are to treat all manuscripts that they will be reviewing as confidential and the submissions must not be used for reviewers’ own benefit.
  • Reviewers who do not feel that they have the expertise required to carry out an assessment, or believe that they are unable to review a manuscript within the agreed time frame, must inform the editor and withdraw from the review.


  • Authors must comply with Instructions for Authors which are published in each issue of Zgodovinski časopis and on its website.
  • Authors guarantee that their submissions represent original research papers and findings, the data provided are accurate, and that works by other authors are properly listed or cited.
  • Authors guarantee that manuscripts submitted to Zgodovinski časopis have not been published or are not in the process of being published in any other publication. Translations of manuscripts are excluded.
  • Authors must acknowledge work by others who contributed to the submitted manuscript. Any information obtained privately by the author may be used solely with the source's prior written permission.
  • If the submitted paper represents work by several authors, consent to publication must be obtained from all of them.
  • Authors are responsible for obtaining permission for publication of figures (including photographs) protected by copyright.